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The company "Medok" was established in 2009 in Kharkiv (Ukraine) on the basis of the Kharkov regional association of beekeeping. At the moment, we are a family-owned company engaged in the production, processing and sale of natural honey, bee products and goods for beekeepers. Our main apiary is located in the village of Zelena Levada on the banks of the Yuzhny Bug River in the Nikolaev region and has 300 bee families.

We pay special attention to the processing, research, progression and promotion of bee products. Under our own brand, we produce a wide range of natural and high-quality functional foods and medical cosmetics with bee products. Many of our products are unique and patented in Ukraine


The quality and effectiveness of our apiproducts have been repeatedly confirmed at international conferences on beekeeping and apiotherapy.

Due to the presence of a branded retail chain (stores in Kharkov and Kiev, an online store), we follow our mission every day and strengthen the human health by bee products.

Honey house

The "Honey house" brand shop in Kharkiv is located at Saltovka on the Heroiv Truda street, 15, near the Round Market. There are more than 10 varieties of natural flower honey in the assortment of the store. Each buyer can try honey for free and choose the most delicious one. The store also has a wide range of bee products and goods for beekeepers.

Консультационный центр

Торгово-консультационный центр «Медок» расположен возле станции метро "Студенческая" по адресу ул.Академика Павлова, 134/16. Здесь вы сможете ознакомиться с ассортиментом продукции, получить консультацию по применению того или иного продукта и, конечно же, купить понравившийся вам мёд и продукты пчеловодства. Все сорта мёда и продукция пчеловодства, представленные на сайте имеются в наличии в консультационном центре.

Brand store "Medoc" in Kiev

The "Medok" brand shop in Kiev is located near the metro station "Nivki" at Prospekt Pobedi, 71a. This is a new generation of beekeeping shop with a unique design and a special atmosphere.

Production | Used technologies

Our apiaries are located in ecologically clean and very picturesque places of Nikolaev, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Sumy, Poltava, Kiev, Kirovograd regions. We do not use toxic drugs to prevent and treat bee diseases.

Our awards

Our company's team has been actively involved in various congresses, conferences, fairs, exhibitions and workshops on bee-keeping subjects and healing use of bee products for many years. Moreover, not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries. During this time, many times we were awarded by diplomas and certificates for the high quality of produced products and professionalism in our work.

Documents for our products

Impeccable quality is a distinctive feature of natural honey and bee products manufactured by the "Medok" Company.

Before entering the market, all branded products undergo compulsory examination in supervisory bodies and laboratories. We are proud that the majority of indicators characterizing quality and biological activity, branded products TM "Medok" significantly exceeds the regulatory requirements laid down in the State Standards of Ukraine.

According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, branded products of TM "Medok" are functional foods, which are products that are designed to prevent and mitigate human disease.

You can view the documents on the products in full size by the links.

Our newspapers

One of the channels for the promotion of beekeeping products for the mass consumer is the proprietary newspaper "Medok", published by us for almost ten years. Over these years, more than ten newspapers were issued, and each one was different in terms of design and filling. In addition to photographs and descriptions of the useful properties of bee products, this newspaper presents author's articles on the results of the application of bee products for the treatment of various diseases!

In this section all the preserved issues of our newspaper, published during the years of work, are presented.

For full versions of newspapers you can look through the links:

International cooperation

"Medok" company regularly presents its products at Ukrainian and international exhibitions, as well as is an active participant of conferences on apitherapy and healthy lifestyle.

Открылся новый фирменный магазин "Медок" в Харькове!

Спешим сообщить вам радостную новость! 1 марта 2021 года в Харькове открылся наш новый фирменный магазин «Медок»! Теперь все желающие окунуться в интересный и загадо... 

"Медок" на международной конференции "Апитерапия в теории и практике"

28 февраля 2020 года в Национальном университете биоресурсов и природопользования Украины в Киеве прошла международная конференция «Апитерапия в теории и практике». ... 

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Алексей Трифонов

Меня часто спрашивают: Любишь MedOk!?) ..... И Я с уверенностью отвечаю-Да!)) Почему!?) Да потому что MedOk-это не просто кампания которая занимается продажей Мёда!.... Это компания с глубокой Медовой философией и невероятным ассортиментом товара для людей которые с особой внимательностью относятся к своему здоровью,и окружающей их среде! А также есть все необходимое чтобы превратится из искушённого потребителя Медоносной продукции-в профессионала и эксперта в области Пчеловодства! Очень много чесно говоря можно писать про кампанию MedOk,их подход,сервис,качество обслуживания и продукта ,цены! Но Лучше Самому зайти и попробовать! Но будьте ОСТОРОЖНЫ ⚠️ Уверен что посещение данного заведения в любой форме!))) Вызывание ПРИВЫКАНИЕ !!! Спасибо


Не первый год посещаю магазин "МЕДОК" пользуемся сами этой продукцией и рекомендуем друзьям. Знаю стыдно за рекомендации точно не будет. Полностью оправдывают наши хотелки и требования по качеству. Спасибо.

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