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Natural honey
  • Acacia honey

    Elite non-allergenic honey, which is highly valued by gourmets, and also recommended for children and diabetic food. Acacia honey has a delicate taste and almost elusive flavor.

  • May honey

    May honey - one of the most delicious varieties of honey. The color of honey depends on the type of honey plants from which it is harvested, and can be both light and dark. May honey is valued for its high content of vitamins.

  • Rape honey

    A rare honey variety with an exotic whitish color. Due to the unusual taste and ability to quickly restore mental performance, rape honey is highly valued by gourmets.

  • Honey from steppe plants

    This honey has a reasonable price and is ideal for daily use as a natural and useful alternative to sugar. Honey from the steppe plants strengthens the body weakened by unfavorable factors and contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes.

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